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Join us August 25th and 26th for the 2017 Missoula Public Library Youth Book Festival.

Youth Book Festival Programs for Kids 12 & under


1:30—3:00, Large Meeting Room,  KEIR GRAFF  “Stories in Your Own backyard”

Join Keir as he does a short dramatic reading, a slide show of weird and wacky real-life houses, a rapid-fire stump-the-author Q & A, and an exercise in how all of us can use our own lives as rich material for creative writing.


10:30—11:30, Dragon Rug Area,  PAM  CARLTON “Storytime: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!”

11:30—12:30, Large Meeting Rm,  SNEED COLLARD   “Stories from the Real World”

Sneed will share how his real-life adventures have influenced his books—especially highlighting his recent journey to the Amazon rainforest—and he’ll lead the group in an exercise to uncover stories from their own lives.

2:30—3:30, Large Meeting Room,  KENT DAVIS  “The Question of Courage”

In this interactive, spirited session, Kent Davis and participants will deep dive into the concept of heroism. We all know it when we see it, right? But where does this knowledge that we feel in our guts even come from? 

4:00—5:00, Large Meeting Room,  JANET FOX  “Who’s the Hero, Who’s Villain?”

What really makes a hero and a villain? Which one would you rather read about? Are villains truly all bad, or can they be heroes, too? Janet will talk and lead writing exercises about what you might expect and what might surprise you.

5:30—7:00, Dragon Rug Area, SALAMANDERS “The Stories Inside Songs”

Listen, laugh, and create your own music with The Salamanders


ONGOING MPL Programs for Kids 12 & Under

Tiny Tales, Storytime, LEGO Club, AWE Computers, InBeTween Computers


Youth Book Festival Programs for Teens 13 to 19


3:30—5:30, Large Meeting Room,  JAKE HALPERN  “Writing Beyond Fear”

This nationally known author brings his talents and pizzazz to this workshop, describing his strategies, helping us face challenges and obstacles, and sharing his feedback about any writing that participants care to share.

6:30—8:30, Large Meeting Room,  TOBY & BRYCE HANSEN   “Let’s Get Graphic”

This local father/son team have created a unique, engrossing graphic novel series and will describe their journey and help us stir up some graphic creativity of our own.


12:30—2:00, Boardroom, KRIS DINNISON & MAUREEN MCQUERRY  “Story Bones”

Kris and Maureen will lead us through how consciously structuring a story can make a surprising difference in the ease of writing and the quality of the final product.

2:30—4:00, Boardroom, SUSAN ADRIAN & TRENT REEDY “Cozy With the Bad Guys”

Susan and Trent know compelling villains are complex, contradictory, sometimes even sympathetic, and are often at the heart of a truly gripping narrative arc.  They'll describe their own approaches and help us create some credible villainy together.

7:00—9:00, Large Meeting Room, TAHJ KJELLAND “Empower Yourself,Your World”

Participants will explore their individual creativity and understanding through spoken word & expressive arts. Participants will have the opportunity to express themselves globally through interactive digital media.


ONGOING MPL Programs for Teens 13-19

Middle School Writers, YA Writers, System Check, YA Volunteering