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During this weekly ONLINE class, local artist Robert Peltzer will help you practice and develop the skills and techniques necessary to enjoy and succeed at watercolor painting. New painting lessons and assignments are posted every Friday. As assignments are submitted via the internet, feedback and support is provided. This class is open to adults ages 18 and older. For questions, e-mail Robert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  




Welcome everybody, hope you had a good week! 


LIBRARY NEWS: The new library's 4th floor includes 2 large meeting rooms that can be combined into one. There is a large sound proof wall that drops from the sealing to divide the large meeting room space. The meeting rooms include new audio visual equipment and windows that can be completely darkened, the lighting and the views are expansive. There is a service/reception desk and a food preparation area for large events. The 4th floor includes directors offices and a smaller meeting room on the East side. (we will be holding painting classes in one of the large meeting rooms -they have sinks)  


HOMEWORK REVIEW The homework assignment was to paint the musical instrument that creates your favorite musical sound, in a setting of your choice. You were asked to make the instrument fist size or larger and to and create shinny highlights. Time to kick back and enjoy the show:




































Good job creating those shinny highlights on your favorite instruments!  








EYE TRAINING SKETCH  Take a look at Dick's fan sketch from last week -good work Dick! Yey! (clap! -clap! -clap!)



(The better you eyes can perceive things, the better your art will be) Look closely at the scene below and give me the total number of people in the scene including partial figures. Look closely and give me the total number of figures, partial or otherwise, that are not being overlapped by another figure. Look closely and describe where the 2 perspective lines are located (don't sketch the scene unless you want to)

*Total number of people   ?       

*Number of figures not overlapped   ?    

*Location of the 2 perspective lines    ?  

Send your answers to my email address above sometime before Thursday.





THEORY  Today we are going to discuss 'people perspective' -how to maintain proper perspective when incorporating people into a street scene. Generally when painting a peopled street scene, the horizon line or eye level is found at the base of the farthest buildings or structures. This is important to know, because when adding people, you want the heads of your people to line up just under this line. So the key, is to align all the heads of the people in your street scene at eye level to maintain perspective (see the images below) Change the sizes of the people to create the illusion that some people are closer to you or father away, smaller people will appear to be much farther away than the larger people. Be sure to consider the movements of people in a scene by adding people who are walking, sitting, or gathering around at a spot. (thank you Dianne for inspiring this subject)





PRACTICE PAINTING  Take a look at Mary's glossy cherry painting from last week -good work Mary! Yey! (clap! - clap! - clap!)



Today we are going to practice painting a peopled street scene. Notice that the peoples heads in the scene below are generally at the same level. Paint the scene below, focusing on the people, their size and position relative to each other. You may simplify by just painting the corner where the people are congregated or you can include the buildings along with the sky. 



 Send a photo of your practice painting to my email address above sometime before Thursday.


HOMEWORK FOR OCTOBER 23 Paint a peopled scene with more than 5 people (animals don't count) If you just cant find a scene with more than 5 people, paint the scene below laughinglaughinglaughing (just kidding, rather, try something like the scene above under THEORY)




Send a photo of your homework painting to my email address above sometime before Thursday.  


Stay warm everyone!

   laughing   -Robert