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Fstylized familyamily sagas follow the events (and often the rise and fall) of a single family. Key historic events and changes in social norms over time frequently play a role in the story.


Search for these authors in our Catalog, or come to the library and find them on the shelf under the author's last name in the Fiction Section. Multiple titles by the same author are separated with an "&".

Birmingham, Stephen - The Auerbach will
Bradford, Barbara - Deravenel family trilogy & Harte family series
Burnard, Bonnie - A good house
Byatt, A. S. - The Children's book
Buck, Pearl - The good earth
Chiaverini, Jennifer - Elm Creek Quilts series
Chieng, Chieh - A long stay in a distant land
Coe, Jonathan - The rain before it falls
Cooper, J. California - Family
Cramer, W. Dale - Levi's will
Dailey, Janet - Calder saga series
Davidar, David - The house of blue mangoes
Drabble, Margaret - The peppered moth
Dunnett, Dorothy - Pawn in frankincense
Faroki, Roopa - Bitter sweets
Ferber, Edna - Giant
Galsworthy, John - The Forsyte saga
Gilmore, Jennifer - Golden country
Gregory, Philipa - The favored child
Haigh, Jennifer - Baker Towers
Haley, Alex - Roots & Mama Flora's family
Harrison, Jim - Returning to Earth
Huston, Nancy - Fault lines
Jakes, John - Charleston & Crown Family Chronicles
Lambert, Sonia - Three mothers
Lee, Jen Sookfong - The end of East
Lively, Penelope - Consequences
MacDonald, Ann-Marie - Fall on your knees
Pasulka, Brigid - A long, long time ago and essentially true
Perry, Anne - At some disputed barricade
Phillips, Gin - The well and the mine
Poole, Ernest - His family
Richards, David Adams - The friends of Meager Fortune
Rolvaag, O. E. - Giants in the earth
Robinson, Marilynne - Home & Gilead & Housekeeping
Rodriguez, Luis J. - Music of the mill
Rutherfurd, Edward - Dublin saga & Fault lines
Saylor, Steven - Roma: the novel of ancient Rome
See, Lisa - Shanghai girls
Shea, Christina -  Moira's crossing
Stefaniak, Mary Helen - The Turk and my mother
Tademy, Lalita - Tademy Family chronicles
Tan, Amy - The Joy Luck club
Taylor, Mildred D - Logan family saga
Tearne, Roma - Bone China
Todd, Jack - Sun going down
Urquhart, Jane - Away
Vassanji, M. G. - The Assassin's song
Woods, Stuart - Lee family saga
Wright, Jason F - Wednesday letters