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A contribution to the library is a contribution to the community. Thank you for your support!

What happens to the materials I donated? This is a question donors often ask regarding materials that are donated to Missoula Public Library. First and foremost we appreciate your generosity and thank you for thinking of us!

The Library's Materials Donation Policy states that gift materials added to our collection must meet the same guidelines as materials we purchase. We will consider adding materials that are:

a. Up-to-date
b. Not unnecessary duplicates
c. Appropriate additions to our current collection

We cannot accept items in poor condition. No damaged, dirty, musty or moldy items. No broken or cracked spines, loose pages, torn covers, etc.

No textbooks, encyclopedias, Readers’ Digest books, VHS or cassette tapes, or outdated computer/medical manuals. Please call to find out more about what will not be accepted as a donation.

Due to space limitations, if you are donating more than two boxes of materials please call 24 hours in advance.

Items not added to the Library collection will be given to another library, to a nonprofit organization, the Friends of the Missoula Public Library for sale to benefit the Library, or otherwise disposed.

Donated materials are welcome and appreciated. Even though some donations may not end up on the Library's shelves, each gift will be reviewed by staff and handled accordingly. The volume of donations received prevents us from returning any donated items after they are given to us.

Please contact the library with any questions or concerns about our materials donation policy.